Information about Students

Number of Students
Number of Enrolled Students by Department (As of May 1, 2021)
College Department Total
College of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering 789
Department of Aeronautics 220
Department of Robotics 434
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 943
Department of Information and Computer Science 960
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 360
Department of Information and Communication Engineering*
(up to 2017)
Subtotal 3,708
College of Informatics and Human Communication Department of Media Informatics 637
Department of Management Systems 270
Department of Psychological Science 188
Department of Psychological Informatics*
(up to 2017)
Subtotal 1,100
College of Architecture Department of Architecture 897
Subtotal 897
College of Bioscience and Chemistry Department of Applied Chemistry 270
Department of Applied Bioscience 302
Subtotal 572
College of Environmental Engineering and Architecture* (up to 2017) Department of Architectural Design* (up to 2017) 8
Department of Architecture* (up to 2017) 7
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering* (up to 2017) 6
Subtotal 21
Total 6,298

*Indicates colleges/departments that were renamed or have stopped accepting applications due to departmental reorganization.

Number of Graduate School Students by Program (As of May 1, 2021)
School Program Total
Graduate School of Engineering Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering 158
Graduate Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering 14
Graduate Program in Information and Computer Engineering 36
Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering and Electronics 90
Graduate Program in System Design Engineering 28
Graduate Program in Bioscience and Chemistry 24
Graduate Program in Architecture 45
Graduate Program in Synthesized Engineering 12
Graduate Program in Business Architecture 12
Subtotal 419
Graduate School of Psychology Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology 11
Subtotal 11
Graduate School of Innovation Manegement Graduate Program in Innovation Manegement 71
Subtotal 71
Total 501