International Cooperation in Education

Overseas partner institutions

KIT runs many exchange programs at our partner institutions in the USA, including long-term exchanges involving the study of languages and special subjects, short-term English training courses allowing students to acquire practical English communication skills, and overseas experience programs. In addition, every year for six weeks during June and July, we accept international students from our American partner institutions and run a KIT Japanese Language Program (JPL), offering opportunities for exchange with overseas students while they are visiting our university. The Office of International Programs provides complete support for students in Japan and overseas, across all programs.

In addition, since FY2012 we have run the international social innovation project "Learning Express" in conjunction with East Asian universities, including Singapore Polytechnic. In September 2015 and March 2016, eight students (28 since inception) visited Indonesia along with students from Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. Also, in September we invite 10 Singaporean and Indonesian students to our university and run the program here as a post-Learning Express activity.

From FY2016 KIT has started running parts of its basic subjects in the Professional Program and Design Project subjects in English. We will enrich our overseas internships, while advancing course development for joint degrees with our partner institution, Rochester Institute of Technology (USA).

Also, the Vietnam Japan Institute of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City, which opened in October 2015, has adopted KIT's curriculum, which is centered on project design education. The adoption amounts to 30% of 142 credit points, and was done in order to introduce Japanese manufacturing methods into their course.
This marks the first time our curriculum has been adopted elsewhere.