Incoming International StudentsPredeparture FAQs for Incoming International Students

Q . What is the academic year system of KIT?
A . KIT adopts a semester system; the first half is from early April to early August, and the second half is from the end of September to the end of January the following year.
Q . How do I get to KIT?
A . We recommend you to arrive at Narita or Haneda International airport in Tokyo. From there to KIT, please follow below.
  • From International Airports to Kanazawa
By Airplane
  • Approx. 1 hour from Haneda (Tokyo) to Komatsu Airport
  • Approx. 1 hour & 30 minutes from Narita (Tokyo) to Komatsu Airport
By JR Train
  • Approx. 2 and half hours from Tokyo Station to Kanazawa Station (by Hokuriku-shinkansen)
  • Approx. 2 hours & 30 minutes from Osaka Station to Kanazawa Station
  • Approx. 3 hours from Nagoya Station to Kanazawa Station
  • From Kanazawa Station to KIT (Ohgigaoka Campus)
By Hokuriku Railroad Bus

Take either Bus #32, #33, #34, or #39 for Kanazawa Kogyoudaigaku leaving from Kanazawa Station East Gate Bus Terminal #8. You can also take Bus #33 for Nambushako, Midorigaoka-jujo, Shijima, Kakujuen, Ishikawa Dobutsuen (=Zoo), Yamashimadai, or Bus #39 for Taheiji and get off at Kanazawa Kogyoudaigaku bus stop. Before getting on, please double-check that the bus surely stops at Kanazawa Kogyoudaigaku. (30-40 min.) fare=350 yen

By Taxi

Approx. 30 minutes fare = approx. 2,500 yen

Q . Where will I be staying?
A . Accommodation is provided at KIT International Community House for international students participating basically in KIT short-term international programs. For those who are coming to KIT for longer terms, you will stay in the KIT-designated apartments mostly locating within a walking/bicycle distance from the campus. You can choose one out of about 4,000 apartments of their rents ranging from about ¥30,000 to ¥80,000 per month. Basically, all apartments are designed to have a single room with a kitchen and bathroom, but a room size and layout differ depending on each apartment. You can search from (Japanese only). Please note that rooms are taken on a first-come basis.
Q . Can I stay in the KIT International Community House for a few days before moving into the KIT-designated apartment?
A . Please ask the Center for International Programs in advance if you have such a request.
Q . How much is the rent of KIT International Community House?
A . It is ¥1,500 per day including utility fees. The invoice will be issued after your checkout and you can pay it at our Finance Section on campus (cash only).
Q . What facilities are provided in the KIT International Community House?
A . KIT International Community House
Q . Is there a meal plan at the KIT International Community House?
A . Sorry, no.
Q . Is there a cafeteria on campus?
A . Yes. It provides cheap but good food Mondays through Saturdays (close early on Saturdays). There is one convenience store on campus where freshly baked breads are provided.
Q . Is Internet access available?
A . Free Wi-Fi service is available in the KIT International Community House, while its availability is very limited on campus. Therefore, if you wish to have Wi-Fi access around the clock at any location, please consider preparing a rental portable router and such at your own cost.
Q . How about phone access?
A . We strongly recommend you to have your mobile phone ready to use in Japan before coming to KIT. If you are to change your SIM card, the best way may be to buy it online and make it available to pick it up at the airport of your entry to Japan. Please note that an option to purchase a SIM card around KIT is very limited.

For those who are staying in Japan more than 3 months, purchasing a new mobile phone in Japan is another option. Upon purchasing, you need to present the Residence Card which is issued only for those staying in Japan more than 3 months. Therefore, please note that those who are staying in Japan less than 3 months are not eligible to buy a new phone.
Q . Can I use my credit card in Japan?
A . Yes. Visa and Master cards tend to be widely accepted, while American Express, Diners Club and China UnionPay may be less.
Q . Do I need cash in Japan?
A . Yes. Paying cashless is the world trend nowadays, however, Japan is far from a cashless society and most of people still use cash rather than credit cards. Many restaurants and shops accept the payment methods of credit cards and other cashless ways, but you cannot use even credit cards at some spots including mom-and-pop restaurants, shops, stalls, Ryokan, hospitals, etc. Exchanging money before you leave for Japan is the best way.
Q . Can I withdraw cash with my credit cards?
A . Yes. Japan Post Bank and Seven Bank provide cash withdrawal services for credit cards issued by overseas financial institutions. Cards bearing the VISA, PLUS, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, JCB, China UnionPay, Discover, and Diners Club (Seven Bank only) can make withdrawals there. You can use this service at the ATMs in the post office and 7-Elevens nearby campus. Please note that you need to set the PIN in advance at the bank of your own country in order to use this service in Japan.

Japan Post Bank:
Seven Bank:
Q . Can I open a bank account in Japan?
A . Due to the banking regulations, you have to be able to prove you have been living in Japan for 6 months before you can open a bank account. Meanwhile, if you have a Residence Card with your period of stay in Japan being 3 months or longer, you can open a Post Office Savings. Those who will live in the KIT-designated apartment are all required to make a direct debit payment for your rent.
Q . Is there any mandatory insurance that I have to buy?
A . All international students with KIT ID numbers are required to buy at least the following 3 insurances.

  Coverages Insured Period
Injury Medical Personal
1 KIT Insurance NO NO NO YES From next day of your arrival at KIT
YES NO YES YES KIT semester period only
2 National
Insurance *
YES YES NO NO From enrolment to withdrawal
3 Your Travel
YES YES YES NO From departing your country to returning your country

* (Applicable to students staying in Japan for 91 days or longer only)
National Health Insurance (NHI) is a medical insurance system that reduces the insured person’s medical expenses. Every international student who will live in Japan for more than 91 days or more is obliged to enroll in the NHI system. KIT will assist you for the enrollment procedure after you arrive at KIT. Once you become an NHI member, you are eligible to receive a medical treatment for 30% of the original cost.

Other Logistics
Q . What is Japan’s electrical system?
A . 110 volts, 60 Hz (in western Japan). It’s basically compatible with most US and European 100-volt appliances, though you may need to find a converter plug.
Q . Is there anything I should consider bringing to Japan?
A . Familiar general medications, health care products, as required. If you need prescription medications, it may be best to bring them with you. But to avoid possible delay in Customs on arrival, prescription medications should be in original packages or properly labelled. (Japan is extremely cautious about drugs.)