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Science and Engineering Ethics for Future


~ A Solution for the Social Needs ~

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Sharing the research results such as teaching materials and expertise extensively through conducting the study together with a wide range of stakeholders such as high schools, local communities, overseas participants and private companies, KIT is to establish its brand image as a “tertiary institution for science and engineering that offers practical learning and research experiences as well as is proactive in its contributions to the society”.

MEXT Private University Research Branding Project

Since 1980, KIT has undertaken the ethics study for scientists and engineers as an institution of higher education to provide research and study which meet society’s needs. Based on such historical background, KIT applied for the “Private University Research Branding Project” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and the “Science and Engineering Ethics for Future - A Solution for the Social Needs” was selected as one of the branding projects in 2017.

For this branding project, the MEXT will provide prioritized supports to the private tertiary educational institution which undertakes to offer characteristic program on an institution-wide basis according to their unique research capabilities under the leadership of the president, and our project is slated to continue for five years till 2021 academic year.

KIT’s project was selected in the category of “Type A, Social Development”, which is a research project targeted to “contribute to the economy, community, employment or cultural development of a specific region, or to the advancement and deeper understanding of specific field”. KIT is determined to proceed with the study of “Science and Engineering Ethics for Future” that a changing society requires and that is applicable to the teaching closely connected to the real world with the “Applied Ethics Center for Engineering and Science” as hub.