Yatsukaho Campus

Campus Map
A Bldg. #66
Research Center Social and Industrial Management Systems
B Bldg. #68
Research Laboratory for Affective Design Engineering
C Bldg. #69
Institute of Disaster and Environmental Science
D Bldg. #67
Laboratories for Information Technologies
E Bldg. #64
Research Laboratory for Integrated Technological Systems
F Bldg. #62
Environmental Research Institute
G Bldg. #62
Advanced Materials Processing Research Laboratory
H Bldg. #61
Advanced Materials Science Research and Development Center
I Bldg. #61
Materials System Research Laboratory
J Bldg. #63
Genome Biotechnology Laboratory
K Bldg. #60
Human Information Systems Laboratories
L Bldg. #74
Future Machine Technology Laboratory
M Bldg. #73
Institute of Biomechanical Control Systems
N Restaurant ENERGY
O Innovative Composite Center
P Office of Yatsukaho

3-1 Yatsukaho, Hakusan, Ishikawa 924-0838, Japan

TEL +81 76-274-7733
FAX +81 76-274-7061