Educational Objectives of the College of Bioscience and Chemistry

In order to solve problems which are coincident with globalization, such as those related to life, natural resources, energy and the environment, it is necessary to tackle them on a global scale. Students learn advanced biotechnology including brain science, gene engineering and microorganism engineering, and a wide range of basic and applied biochemical engineering topics, such as biotechnology, new materials, environment and energy. Students acquire scientific knowledge, foresight and flexible application skills through studies focusing on experiments and inquiry. We produce human resources who are able to play an active role in the fields of biology and chemistry.

Department Objectives
Applied Chemistry

For the realization of a sustainable society, it is necessary to use knowledge of organic/inorganic chemistry and environmental chemistry, based on foundational chemistry, to solve various global and social problems related to energy and the environment. We produce human resources who can play an active role internationally in industries that enable the sustainable development of humankind, using knowledge of environmental chemistry, energy chemistry and biochemistry.

Applied Bioscience

In today’s society, there is a high demand for technological development based on life science that improves people’s quality of life. Our department teaches bioengineering subjects such as the creation of new functional molecules, genetic engineering related to the analysis of genomes and genes, and brain science that involves the study of human actions and senses. We produce human resources with an understanding of fundamental life phenomena such as the synthesis of DNA and proteins, fundamental functions of living things, and the brain mechanism that controls senses and actions, who play a leading role in new industries using biological technologies.