Eligibility guidelines and information about the entrance examination for KIT general admission A for 2025 enrollment are as follows:

(1) Eligibility

Individuals who correspond to one of the following:

  1. Individuals who have graduated from a high school or middle school or are scheduled to graduate in March 2025.
  2. Individuals who have completed 12 years of formal education provided by an educational institution or are scheduled to do so in March 2025.
  3. Individuals who are deemed to have a level of academic ability equal to or higher than that of individuals specified in 1 or 2 above or who will fulfill said requirement by March 31, 2025.
(2) Examination

Dates of the entrance examination for general admission A:
January 30, 31, February 1, 2

All faculties
Timetable Subject Scope of examination Score Time
1st Mathematics Mathematics I, Mathematics A, Mathematics II, Mathematics B (sequences) 150 points 70min
2nd Foreign language English (Communication English I, Communication English II) 150 points 70min
(3) Selection

Selection is conducted comprehensively based on examination results (out of 300 points), personal information, etc.

(4) Examination fee

Examination fee: 30,000 yen

* The examination fee shall not be refunded.

(5) Admission Procedures

Admission procedures shall be completed by payment of the admission fee by the payment deadline.

Admission fee: 200,000 yen

* The admission fee shall not be refunded.


Tuition fees

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year First semester Second semester Yearly amount
College of Information Design
College of Media Information
657,500 yen 657,500 yen 1,315,000 yen
College of Information Science and Engineering
College of Bioscience and Chemistry
College of Engineering
College of Architecture
757,500 yen 757,500 yen 1,515,000 yen

* The payment deadlines are April 1 for the first semester and October 1 for the second semester.

* In addition to the above tuition fees, the following yearly fees will also be charged: 12,000 yen for the parents’ association, 10,200 yen for the student association, and 7,500 yen for the alumni association.

* Please pay the amount by the payment deadline using a bank transfer form which will be sent to you in March. It is possible to pay the yearly amount in one lump sum.

Please contact the KIT Admission Center for further information. (nyusi@kanazawa-it.ac.jp)