MBA Program
-Master of Business Administration-

MBA Program (Master of Business Administration)

One-year program designed to develop business leaders and professionals

About us

The goal of our program is to develop the next generation of business professionals equipped with skills and expertise necessary to generate business innovation. The notable faculty involved in this program provides an incredible opportunity to develop wide and deep knowledge and practical skills.

About 40 faculty members include directors and managers of leading consulting firms, world-class business professionals in the media and entertainment industry, and leading experts in a variety of fields. To offer interactive classroom experience, the number of students is usually limited to 20 per class. Frequent discussions and case studies in the classes allow students to work together in a team in close collaboration with faculty members.

While covering core MBA coursework such as management strategy, marketing, finance and organizational management, our diverse and structured 1-year curriculum includes media/entertainment management, information technology management and intellectual property management, to meet the current industry needs.

Two Professional Courses

Our program includes two professional courses: Business Management Course and Media and Entertainment Course.

Business Management Course

The Business Management Course offers extensive and practical curriculum in the business management field. The top-class faculty includes directors and managers of leading consulting firms and top managements of innovative companies.

Media and Entertainment Course

This course, launched in 2012, offers a top-class curriculum that covers business management and legal practices in the media and entertainment industry. The faculty comprises of professionals carefully selected from the international field, such as Western countries and Asian countries.

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Atago Toyo Bldg. 12F, 1-3-4 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0002, Japan