Educational Objectives of the College of Architecture and its Departments

Nowadays, the creation of sustainable environments supporting rich lifestyles is desired. This department covers a wide range of environmental development from the human scale to the city scale, including home/indoor environments and regional environments (town planning, etc). We train students capable of not only planning the comfort, convenience, safety, beauty and energy efficiency of each environment, but who are also capable of implementing continuous environment creation from building construction to city planning, with a focus on the Kanazawa/Hokuriku region.
Keywords: environmental development, sustainability, environmental planning skills, practical skills in environmental construction

Department Objectives

Our students acquire a wide range of technical knowledge related to architecture, allowing them to plan and design beautiful and functional architectural spaces, taking cost performance and productivity into account. In addition, we nurture their ability to create and manage safe and comfortable architectural structures. In the design subjects, students acquire advanced technical knowledge and design skills allowing them to plan and design human environments from buildings and interiors to city-level designs, which meet modern day requirements such as beauty and sustainability. In the engineering subjects, students acquire advanced technical knowledge and skills allowing them to conduct the planning of architecture/urban environment installations, construction planning, and the management of that construction, meeting modern day demands such as eco-friendliness, comfort and durability. Through the comprehensive acquisition of these skills, knowledge and abilities, we train architectural engineers who can flourish in society.

Keywords: architectural design/planning, city/community planning, architectural production, architectural environment/utility, architectural structure