KIT won the Chief Cabinet Secretary Award of the 1st Japan SDGs Awards

Kanazawa Institute of Technology will not only strive to achieve the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)agreed upon by all countries of the United Nations through research and activities by specified staff members and students,but will contribute as a whole with our department spanning school system.

KIT SDGs Report(English version)

First in Japan! Scholarships granted to KIT students by an international aviation organization

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Foundation, an aviation-related charitable organization based in the USA, awarded scholarships to seven Japanese students from four different universities. The selected students include two from KIT: Tsubasa Iwafune, a first-year student in the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program (awarded total tuition for 2018), and Miharu Taira, a third-year student in the Department of Aeronautics (awarded $4,000 USD).

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President Satoshi Osawa was introduced in Nature.

nature [inside View]
A conversation with Satoshi Osawa, Ph.D, president of Kanazawa Institute of Technology,Japan

This content was originally published in Nature,Vol 548,No 7667,August 17,2017.
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KIT and RIT Agreed about a Dual Degree Master's Program.

Kanazawa Institute of Technology(KIT) and Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT) concluded the Agreement on a Dual Degree Master's Program between Graduate Program in Information and Computer Engineering, KIT and Graduate Program in Computer Engineering, RIT. A signing ceremony took place at RIT on June 9 2017 .

KIT has been cooperating with IBM to build a new system that support students’ self-development.

KIT and IBM, Japan are cooperating to build a new system making use of IBM’s cognitive computing that support students’ self-development. Using big data from evaluation of classes and projects, to provide learning experience that gives the most efficient learning opportunity for each student type accurately. This will mold the students in the “Cognitive Campus” to utilize the AI big data, KIT as a whole fostering creative innovators of the next generation.

KIT signed a memorandum of cooperation agreement with University of Leicester.

KIT signed a memorandum of cooperation agreement with one of UK’s leading universities, University of Leicester on Oct 25, 2016.The aim of the agreement is to promote KIT’s co-creation education as well as to push ahead in the development of student exchange programs and opportunities for cooperative research.

Practice "The Five Discipline of Innovation" developed by SRI.

In cooperation with SRI International, KIT has been providing workshops developing knowledge on innovative solutions since 2013.

The Workshop 2016 "Introduction to Innovation" was held from September 8 to September 15.

Students and faculties learned and practiced "The Five Discipline of Innovation" developed by SRI.

Innovative Composite Center was introduced by Nature.

Innovative Composite Center was introduced by Nature Vol.537, 01 September 2016.

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Boeing Summer Seminar was held on September 09,2016.

Boeing Summer Seminar was held at KIT Ohgigaoka campus on September 09,2016.

Tohoku University,University Tokyo,Nagoya University,Kyushu University and Kanazawa Institute of Technology got in this program.

Design Project I(English course)was held on September 07,2016.

Design Project I(English course)was held from Sep.07 to 16.

Students learned in project teams how to identify problems, present specific solutions and verify the feasibility of those solutions. They improved their fundamental ability for practical innovation through feedback and brush-ups.

Innovative Composite Center launched a new Website.

Innovative Composite Center launched a new Website on August 30, 2016.