General Information Way to Kanazawa

How to get to Kanazawa

There are several ways to come from an international airport in Japan to Kanazawa. If you take the Japan Railway (JR) train from Kansai Airport, Central Japan International Airport (Nagoya) or Narita Airport, you will reach JR Kanazawa station. If you fly from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, you will arrive at Komatsu Airport, located in Komatsu City, about 70 kilometers southwest from Kanazawa.

The following descriptions give you some idea of typical routes, travel time and cost. You will need extra time (approx. 10-30 min.) if you change trains each time.

From Kansai Airport to JR Kanazawa Station
From Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka: Ride on Express Haruka on JR (50 min.)
From Shin-Osaka to Kanazawa: Take Express Thunderbird on JR (140-165 min.)
• Total Travel Cost: approx. 10,000 yen
From Narita Airport to JR Kanazawa Station
From Narita Airport to Tokyo: Ride on "Narita Express" on JR (60 min.)
From Tokyo to Kanazawa: Take Bullet Train (Hokuriku Shinkansen)"Kagayaki" (150 min.)
• Total Travel Cost: approx. 17,000 yen
From Centrair (Nagoya) to JR Kanazawa Station
From Centrair to Nagoya: Ride on "Meitesu Express" (30 min.)
From Nagoya to Kanzawa: Ride on "Shirasagi" on JR (180 min.)
• Total Travel Cost: approx. 8,000 yen
From Narita Airport to Komatsu Airport via Haneda Airport
From Narita to Haneda: Use Airport Limousine bus service(65-85 min.) 3,100 yen
From Haneda to Komatsu: Domestic flight(50-60 min.) approx. 19,000 yen (depending on the season)
• Total Travel Cost: approx. 22,100 yen
From Narita Airport to Komatsu Airport
From Narita to Komatsu: Direct flight available, but only 1 flight a day.
• Total Travel Cost: approx. 19,000 yen
How to get to KIT(Kodai)
Komatsu Airport to JR Kanazawa station
Komatsu Airport Limousine bus: 40-60 min. Get off at "Kanazawa Eki (=station).
fare= 1,150 yen
JR Kanazawa station to KIT
Using public bus service: Ride on either #32, 33 or 35 bus from #8 bus stop at the East Exit of Kanazawa station. 30-40 min.
fare= 350 yen Get off at "Kanazawa Kogyo Daigaku mae" stop.
Using taxi: 20-30 min. fare= approx. 2,500 yen
Sending your Bags from the Airport to KIT

It is recommended that you have your suitcases delivered to KIT rather than carry them with you. It is difficult to carry heavy bags up and down stairs when changing trains or buses in very short time. Although 2,000 to 3,000 yen per suitcase for the delivery service fee may sound expensive, it is worthwhile.

Arranging Your Train Tickets at the Airport

If you do not have a train ticket to Kanazawa, or if you want to make seat reservations, proceed to the Japan Railway (JR) counter at the airport. You can travel without the seat reservation, but in this case, you have to board on the car designated as "jiyuuseki" (= seat without reservation). If all the seats are taken, you have to keep standing until a seat becomes available.