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野々市市外国人住民対象 英語版パンフレット制作


English Pamphlets for Nonoichi Foreign Residents

Design forthe Community project team researched information that the city released for foreign residents and interviewed foreign residents of Nonoichi, analyzing this data to ascertain their needs. The team also interviewed city staff and consulted with them. Using the information obtained from the residents and the city, the team is working on pamphlet translation, which will be available at the city hall and on its webpage.

2016年度(データは2017年2月現在のものです/The data are from February 2017)

Emergency Response Procedures

Disaster Preparedness for Nonoichi (App which indicates the shelters)

Nonoichi City Community Bus Notty Bus Rote Map & Timetable (revised version)
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2015年度(データは2016年2月現在のものです/The data are from February 2016)

Nonoichi Medical Facilities Important Dates for Your Children’s Healthy Growth Hospital Interface (App which functions to help non-Japanese people figure out their way around when visiting a hospital)
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2014年度(データは2015年2月現在のものです/The data are from February 2015)

Nonoichi City
Home Garbage Collection Dates & Information
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