Incoming International Students KIT-SPJ Guidebook 2019

International Travel Insurance

All students are required to carry the International Travel Insurance that at least meets the following coverages and insured amounts.

Coverages Insured Amounts
1. Death from Accident $100,000 (10 million yen) or more
2. Accidental Permanent Disability $3,000 (300,000 yen) or more
3. Medical & Rescuer’s Expenses $300,000 (30 million yen) or more
4. Death from Sickness $100,000 (10 million yen) or more
5. Liability for damages $1 million (100 million yen)

The plan must provide coverage while the student resides in KIT, Japan. We require all students to submit a copy of International Travel Insurance by May 10, 2018 to make sure that all students have adequate insurance prior to their departure to Japan.

Immunization History

All students are mandatory to submit Immunization History form by May 10, 2018. Required and recommended Immunizations are as follows:

Required 2 shots against Measles
2 shots against Mumps
2 shots against Rubella
2 shots against Varicella
Recommended 3 shots against Hepatitis B (only applicable to those who have ASEAN nationality)