Incoming International Students KIT-SPJ Guidebook 2018

Basic Japanese Communication (4 credits)

This course is for novice learners of Japanese, but, by the time the program starts, all the students in this course should learn to read and write the two phonetic system characters, hiragana and katakana. (The hiragana test will be administered at the beginning of the program.) In this course, using Marugoto, Starter (A1), Rikai by Japan Foundation as a main textbook, basic grammar and sentence structures are introduced, and speaking and listening are also trained for practical conversation.

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Japanese Communication II (4 credits)

This course is for those who have had 2-years of Japanese study at the college level or equivalent proficiency. The focus of study is review and practice of the already-acquired knowledge of Japanese to real-life situations, mainly in conversation skills. Some reading/writing practice and kanji study are also included. Marugoto, Pre-Intermediate (A2/B1), by Japan Foundation is planned to be used as a main textbook.

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Japan Studies Seminar (4 credits)

Incorporating field trips and on- and off-campus hands-on activities, this course offers students the opportunity to learn some of the basic facts about Japan, including its history, geography, religion, education system, traditional family structure, etc., and to understand the basic values, behaviors, and cultural practices of the Japanese people. Each student is expected to complete a mini research project on a cultural or social topic of his/her choice.