General Information Average Food Costs

Average Food Costs
Cost of Meals Prices vary depending on what you eat. A simple Japanese style lunch (of noodles or rice with some condiments for example) in a local shop costs ¥450-800. In school cafeterias, a nutritional and filling lunch can be purchased for less.
soda ¥120-150 / can
hamburger ¥200-350
(A hamburger with fries and a drink costs about ¥550 at McDonald's )
coffee ¥300 or higher
tempura set menu ¥850 or higher
sushi ¥1,000 or higher
ramen noodle ¥450 or higher
These estimates do not include the national consumption tax of 8%,
which applies to most items including foods.
Consumption tax 8 % Consumption tax on most of purchased items and services.
Tipping There is no tipping system in Japan.