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Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology
Educational Objectives

We aim to produce psychologists who are beneficial to society and have scientific knowledge. Therefore, students study psychology and its related fields of science, write a Master's thesis, acquire basic knowledge about counseling, psychological therapy (clinical psychological intervention), implementation and interpretation of psychological tests (clinical psychological evaluation), and clinical psychological assistance in local regions through role playing and practice at the clinical psychology center affiliated with KIT and other institutions.

Educational Objectives of Subjects

Related Subjects

Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Clinical Interview I
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Basic Training for Clinical Practice
Clinical Interview II
Practice in Clinical Settings
Psychological Assessment I
Clinical Psychology II
Psychological Assessment II
Psychological Assessment III
Method of Psychological Research I
Method of Psychological Research II
Psychotherapy I
Psychotherapy II
Psychotherapy III
Learning Psychology
Psychosomatic Medicine
Social Pathology
Developmental Psychology
School Psychology
Psychology of Aging
Community Psychology

Professional Subject (Master's research)

Research for Clinical Psychology