Graduate Schools/Programs

Graduate Program in Business Architecture
Educational Objectives

With regard to the following fields, students learn to examine and draw up plans of management systems and strategies through data collection, analysis, hypotheses, and verification. They learn to think flexibly, and acquire knowledge of management in order to play an active role internationally. They learn to analyze market trends and draw up marketing strategies. 1. Students study finance and learn to draw up profit-gaining plans for companies. 2. Students learn to use IT technology for business, and design business models that use web systems. 3. Students learn about international supply chains, and acquire skills to plan, design, operate and manage supply chain management systems to maximize customer value and minimize cost.

Educational Objectives of Subjects

Students learn to recognize and analyze management activities from the perspective of the relationship between objectives, processes and managerial resources, and gain an understanding of the methods of planning and implementation for attaining goals and evaluating results, and apply the results.

Students learn about existing management activities, and the application of information and communication technology (ICT) to management, and create new business models for management activities that use ICT.

Students learn to logically identify specific management problems from a professional perspective, use their originality and ingenuity to present challenging, creative solutions, and convince other people through presentations and papers.

Subjects of the Master's Course

Introductory Subjects

Management Information Systems
Data Mining
Quality Management

Fundamental Subjects

Corporate Finance
Supply Chain Management
IT Risk Management

Applied Subjects

Marketing Strategy
SCM Operation
Net Business

Module Integration Subjects

The Theory and Practice for KAIZEN Activities
The Theory and Practice for IT Business
The Theory and Practice for Business model

Special Subjects

Internship A
Internship B
Special Topics in Business Architecture I
Special Topics in Business Architecture II
Minor Subject Seminar

Professional Subjects (Master's research)

Net business
Supply Chain Management