Graduate Schools/Programs

Graduate Program in Architecture
Educational Objectives

We provide our students with a wide range of knowledge in the field of architecture. Students select their field of study from the main fields of architecture: design, city/regional planning, special construction, building structure, and environment/facilities, and improve their professional knowledge. We produce architectural engineers and researchers who are able to solve problems from various perspectives in the field of architecture, which is closely related to human society, and contribute to the development of society.

Educational Objectives of Subjects
  • Students learn to conceive project concepts and facility programs that use the conditions of the construction site to develop appropriate spatial configuration and building forms.
  • Students acquire knowledge about city planning and its implementation processes, and consider, design and plan architecture from the perspective of city development.
  • Students gain an understanding of the importance of ecological sustainability, and acquire knowledge about the preservation, restoration and reproduction of environments.
  • Students gain an understanding of comprehensive architectural technology, and acquire knowledge about construction methods.
  • Students deepen their understanding of environmental planning, structural planning, construction technology and other relevant technologies in order to promote projects.
  • Students gain an understanding of the relationships between people and architecture and between buildings, and the surrounding environment, and give spaces the appropriate scale and quality.
  • Students acquire knowledge about the history of architecture, design theories, and art, engineering and humanities with regard to architecture.
  • Students acquire knowledge about the technologies related to the performance of architecture in order to realize a safe, comfortable environment.
  • Students gain an understanding of the industries, budgets and legal regulations related to architecture, and acquire basic knowledge for architectural design and construction cost management from a comprehensive viewpoint.
  • Students acquire skills to analyze and consider architecture comprehensively through documents and field investigation.
  • Students integrate various types of knowledge and skills to present architectural proposals as solutions to social problems.
  • Students learn to design and draw up architectural plans that meet various needs such as function, comfort, design and maintenance.
  • Students learn to present their research results in the form of papers and pieces of work, and explain the contents logically and attractively.
  • Students learn to promote and coordinate the design and planning of architecture as a member of a collaborative society.
  • Students gain an understanding of the role of architectural design and planning as well as social missions.
  • Students and teachers learn about the methods of study, research and education through communication among themselves.
  • Students and teachers discuss the processes and results of study, research and instruction, and continue to review the programs of education and research in order to take advantage of their features.
Subjects of the First Doctoral Course

Introductory Subjects

Urban and Architectural Planning I
Structural Engineering and Construction I
Environmental Engineering and Building Systems I

Fundamental Subjects

Urban and Architectural Planning II
Structural Engineering and Construction II
Environmental Engineering and Building Systems II

Applied Subjects

Architectural Theory
Architectural Planning and Design
Regional and Urban Design
Real Estate Management
Space Construction Systems
Advanced Structural Design I
Advanced Structural Design II
Environmental Design
Environmental Psychology

Module Integration Subjects

Integrated Studies of Architectural Planning and Design
Integrated Architectural Studies on Structural Planning and Design
Integrated Studies of Architectural Facility Planning

Special Subjects

Internship A
Internship B
Architecture studio internship
Ad hoc lectures in Architecture
Minor Subject Seminar

Professional Subjects (Master's research)

Studies in Architectural Design (Studio Work)
Studies in Architectural Design (History and Philosophy)
Regional and Urban Design
Space Construction Systems
Studies on Structural Engineering in Architecture
Environmental Engineering and Building Systems

Subjects of the Doctoral Courses

Special Research

Advanced Studies in History and Philosophy of Architecture
Regional and Urban Design
Space Construction Systems
Structural Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Building Systems

Main Subject

Enterprise Value and Innovation

Special Subject

Research Internship