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College of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Become a professional engineer by obtaining 'mechanical' knowledge and technology that can be applied to any field of engineering while experiencing the joy of product making.

Department of Aeronautics

A student-centered academic environment and curriculum in which students can get practical experience in aircraft construction. The courses emphasizes product making in which students can obtain practical design, production and processing skills.

Department of Robotics

Make 'robots' that work autonomously accommodating a variety of needs while developing a fertile sense of creativity and obtaining a broad engineering knowledge.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Develops electrical and electronic engineers who are able to support the 21st century social system at a fundamental level in various fields ranging from the development of new energies, all-electric homes, photoelectronic technology to biological applications.

Department of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering

Creating a new age in the field of information and communication by exploring mobile communication and the next generation of displays.Training information and communication engineers rich in creativity that can play a central role in our ubiquitous society.

Department of Information and Computer Science

Being a foundation for industries, the objective of Information Engineering is to foster active and outstanding young engineers for the field.