Acquisition of Competitive Funds (Subsidies) Related to Education

Since 2003, MEXT has selected excellent education programs as "Education GP (good practice) Programs", and provided subsidies to the universities which proposed an excellent program. Our education programs selected by MEXT and subsidies we received are as follows.

Acquisition of subsidies related to education
Year selected Program name Subsidy
(million yen)
FY2003 Engineering design education and its extracurricular activities environment ¥37.774 FY2003~2006
FY2004 Townspeople's webpage for the creation of learning ¥14.810 FY2004~2006
Creation of an Ishikawa knowledge base through university cooperation Joint program*
FY2005 Development of the online engineering foundations education center ¥40.569 FY2005~2007
FY2006 Implementation of education for drawing out a desire for study ¥23.159 FY2006~2007
Implementation of regional cooperation project for growth ¥21.906 FY2006~2008
Implementation of the KIT industry-academic cooperative education project ¥16.960
FY2007 Engineer ethics education through the sharing of merit ¥35.912 FY2007~2009
Introduction of education CRM to enrich specialization foundations ¥32.885
Program to improve education skills and expertise of technical high school teaching staff ¥27.835
Development and implementation of a new type of project-based education system ¥27.206
Credit approval through graduate school portfolio education ¥96.740
FY2008 Organic medical engineering coordination through educational research collaboration between Kanazawa Medical University and KIT   Joint program FY2008~2010
Module unification course education to develop comprehensive skills ¥57.522
Mathematics and science education catered to the individual in the university era ¥46.924
Implementation of the KIT environmental mind development project ¥43.174
Training and evaluation system of the basic skills for workers (METI project) ¥12.057 FY2009~2011
FY2009 KIT business architecture project ¥39.442 FY2009~2011
Career development project to improve students' ability to cope in a transforming social environment ¥28.353
FY2010 Construction of a student growth support IR system ¥26.883 FY2010~2011
Formation of a campus that cultivates employability ¥22.855
FY2012 Intensifying educational reform through collaboration with areas in the Chubu region/ industry ¥30.852 FY2012~2014
Joint program*
Nurturing of high-reliability smart embedded system engineers with practical skills and creativity ¥162.012 FY2012~2016
Joint program*
Construction of the University Town Ishikawa/problem solving globally-thinking human resource cultivation system ¥0.744
Joint program*
FY2013 Implementation of innovation in human resource cultivation through local educational reform ¥132.800 FY2013~2017
FY2014 University education revitalization and acceleration program (theme 1 and 2 combined) ¥46.529 FY2013~2018
Promotion and spread of industry-academic collaboration internships through dialogue with areas in the Chubu Region/ industry Joint program* FY2013~2015
FY2015 Development of people with dreams and motivation through locally-aimed education in Kanazawa/ Kaga/ Noto through the local creation promotion project (COC+) run by local knowledge base universities ¥10.000 FY2015~2019
Joint program*
Total ¥938.420

*"Joint program" refers to a collaborative program with other universities.